I would like to become a mystery consumer. How should I start, what should I know?

Veiksmų planas:

  1. Please contact us by e-mail personalas@seenext.lt;
  2. Arrive for a live conversation;
  3. Perform a test task (if we are satisfied with the test quality, and such activity is acceptable to you, you will be invited to trainings);
  4. Arrive at the trainings;
  5. Start work as a mystery consumer.
What skills are needed for mystery consumer?

Mystery consumer must have perfect computer skills, be objective and observant, meticulous and most importantly – responsible.

Will I be able to combine the activities of a mystery consumer with my main job?

Most of our mystery consumers have their main job. Activity of mystery consumer is an extra job. You can carry out as many visits as you are able. Work schedule of mystery consumer is very flexible. Mostly visits can be made at the time convenient for you: after main job or at the weekends.

Where can I carry out the visits?

You can perform visits in your city/town and other cities/towns you sometimes visit or go at weekends or on business trips.

How do you select mystery consumers?

Each project needs a different type of mystery consumers. The main criteria are gender, age and city/town. Sometimes, specific criteria such as telephone operator, marital status, having a pet, etc. are applied.

If mystery consumers have previously carried out visits, we consider their experience and skills.

How to be a good mystery consumer?

During the visit, try to be observant, attentive and follow the instructions of your task. When filling the form (questionnaire), always read the question and description of the question carefully and answer exactly what you are requested. Each mystery consumer can fill the form quite quickly if he/she reads carefully, what he/she is asked, and provides detailed comments. Always inform the project manager of any changes as soon as you become aware that you will not be able to perform your visit at expected date. A common mistake is the visit next day without any previous notice.

How do you pay for visits? Within what period?

We pay according to the procedures provided by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. We pay based on the individual activity certificate.

The employed (or unemployed, but who are disabled or subject to other exceptions, when Mandatory social insurance contributions are paid for you) persons do not have to pay for individual activity certificate additionally. It can be ordered online. The taxes to be paid during the declaration of income received we will cover when paying for a visit.

Payment term is up to 30 days. Usually, we pay within 10 working days from approval of the form of performed visit.

How much do you pay for visits?

The fee depends on the complexity of the visit; we normally pay from EUR 8 to EUR 26 per visit.

How long does one visit take?

The visit takes an average of about 15 – 40 min. The visit may last longer depending on inspected location. After the visit, the visit form (questionnaire) is to be filled within 120 minutes. The visit material must be sent within 24 hours after completion of the visit. Filling the questionnaire takes about 15 – 40 min.

How many visits will I be able to perform per month?

The number of visits may vary from 0 to 14 or more. It depends on our available orders and from your activeness.

Do you compensate the fuel/travel or other expenses?

We reimburse travel expenses very rarely, when agree that the mystery consumer will go to another city/town specifically for our task. In other cases, fuel and travel expenses are not reimbursed because the visits are offered in the city/town, where you live, or in the city/town, to which you go on business trips. If the visit provides for additional costs (e.g. product acquisition), we reimburse these costs.

I do not want to be a mystery consumer anymore. Can you delete my account?

You can delete your account logging in to SeeNext system and selecting the box “Seeting” on the left side of the menu.

My business is too small to allow me order the mystery shopping service

Anyone even the smallest business, seeking the quality and improvement of customer service, needs a mystery shopping survey.

Why specifically is a mystery shopping survey needed?

Mystery shopping survey, depending on the size of the company or goals, has several purposes:

  1. To check the level of customer service and service quality in your company;
  2. To evaluate whether your staff follow the customer service standards and comply with your internal rules of procedure of your company;
  3. To identify weak points of customer service and neutralize them by means of trainings;
  4. To ensure a high quality level of customer service.
What are specific benefits to my business?
  1. Better customer service = higher turnover.
  2. You will get detailed information about weak points of your company, so you will be able to choose specific trainings that will improve the quality of your business.
Can you check my colleagues/competitors?

Yes, we can carry out the check of your competitors and identify weaknesses and strengths of competitors as well as their uniqueness.

How do you check the quality of customer service?

We use the following methods:



Live visit to physical location;

Live visit with video and audio recording.

Do you provide complex services?

Yes, in most cases we offer a package of services consisting of Mystery shopping survey -> Trainings -> Mystery shopping survey.

Performing mystery shopping survey, we identify the areas to be corrected, and accordingly choose a special, the training program with certification customized specially for you. After the trainings, mystery shopping survey is conducted again in order to check whether the staff have mastered the training material.

How many visits should I order?

Number of visits is an individual criterion; it depends on the size of your company, number of employees, number of existing stores and geographic plane. We highly recommend carrying out at least one visit per month for a single point.

How is the questionnaire created?

We create the questionnaire according to the customer service standard of your company, the internal rules of procedure of the company and the specifics of your business model. We prepare the original version of the questionnaire, and approve the final version together with you. If you do not have the customer service standard, we can help to create it.

My business is very specific; I do not think you can help me.

We have a successful experience with a variety of market segments: retail, wholesale, B2B, B2C, and P2P. We have worked with the shops of both technical equipment, building materials and garages, as well as with jewellery salons, hotels and restaurant chains. We are sure that we will also be able to help you your business, no matter what specific area it may be.