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By using data-driven decision-making, you can achieve success in growing your business.

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Grow your business successfully by making informed decisions based on accurate information.
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Successful business decisions require accurate information and understanding. Our platform offers just that – the assurance of precise data, easy analysis, and the ability to make sound decisions for the development of your business. 

In collaboration with KTU researchers, we have spent two years creating and presenting a flexible information gathering and analysis platform that is founded on scientific and methodological principles.

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Used online and in physical locations
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Customer service in Lithuanian
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Comprehensive data analysis tools
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Continuously improving platform
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Ready-made studies

We have collaborated with KTU researchers to create popular and important studies that are easy to use and provide accurate results.

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Overall customer satisfaction

One of the simplest yet essential studies is the Overall Customer Satisfaction survey, which involves asking customers a single question about their experience. How satisfied are you with your experience?
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Customer Recommendation Index (CRI)

Another widely-used survey is the Customer Recommendation Index (CRI), which measures customer loyalty by asking about their likelihood to recommend a product or service and why.
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Product experience

The Product Experience study is a more detailed analysis of individual products or services, highlighting strengths and weaknesses for improvement.
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Employee Satisfaction Index

This survey has recently gained popularity as it assesses various aspects of employees' work, including workload and team dynamics. The information gathered from this survey can be used to improve working conditions and reduce staff turnover.
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We offer flexible pricing options based on the needs and possibilities of different companies, with monthly subscriptions starting at just EUR 29/month, 

or even cheaper annual subscriptions.

Our platform can be accessed both online and in physical locations through QR or NFC technology.

34.99 €/month
399 EUR per year
Up to 1000 survey responses per month
In physical locations
29.00 €/month
319 EUR per year
Up to 1000 responses per physical location per month

Aptarkime platformos naudą Jūsų verslui

Kviečiu į pokalbį, kurio metu kartu galėsime surasti didžiausias mūsų sukurtos platformos pridėtines vertes Jūsų verslui ir kelią tobulėti.

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Tomas Daukša
Executive Director
Surveys Research Training EU projects

    Frequently asked questions

    Who is the online survey platform for?

    The online survey platform is tailored for business owners and decision-makers who strive for continuous growth, differentiation from competitors, and data-driven decision-making. It enables them to gain insights into what their customers truly think about their business and make improvements accordingly.

    Where can the online survey platform be installed?

    The online survey platform is versatile and can be implemented both online and in physical locations. The most common methods include 

    embedding a link in email signatures, on the company’s website, or social media posts. It can also be shared through email newsletters or SMS messages to customers. 

    In physical locations, it can be accessed through QR or NFC codes located at the point of sale, customer waiting areas, restaurant tables, or flyers inserted in parcels. 

    It’s worth noting that the platform allows for sending surveys to existing customers by importing their contact database into the SeeNext platform.

    What are the benefits of using an online survey platform?

    The primary objective of the platform is to enhance business performance and collect reliable data. The most frequently used questionnaires, developed in partnership with KTU researchers, provide valuable insights into various aspects of a business, enabling owners and decision-makers to make informed decisions. To illustrate, these questionnaires can help you understand how customers rate your service, whether they are likely to recommend it to others, and much more.

    Collecting this information will enable you to make informed, data-driven decisions, continuously improve, and stay ahead of the competition.

    Is it possible to add additional users to the platform?

    Absolutely! You can add your colleagues to the online survey system, organise them into user groups, and specify which surveys and information they can access.

    Can the online survey platform be personalised to reflect my company's brand?

    Yes, the online survey system is highly flexible and can be customised to match your company’s colours and branding, including the option to upload and use your logo.

    Are there pre-existing questionnaires available on the online survey platform?

    Yes, we have worked with KTU researchers to create seven of the world’s most popular questionnaires, which can be set up and launched in just 10 minutes.

    Can I design my own questionnaires on the online survey platform?

    Yes, you can. Businesses that wish to fully customise their questionnaires are given the opportunity to create, share and collect all the information they require while retaining all the platform’s capabilities and features.

    Is there assistance available for designing surveys?

    Yes, you can. Since 2016, we have extensive experience in organising market research, and we can advise our clients on the use of the ready-made questionnaires on the online survey platform, as well as on self-developed or developing questionnaires.

    Do you offer customer support?

    Of course. We provide customer support in Lithuanian to ensure clear and efficient communication. We respond to all inquiries promptly. Why not try it out and see for yourself?

    Do I need administrator approval to create new surveys?

    The online survey platform is self-service, so administrator approval is not necessary for new surveys or any other interventions. You will be able to manage everything on your own.

    Are integrations with our internal company systems possible?

    The online survey platform offers the possibility of integrating with your company’s internal systems if needed, which is an additional service that can be negotiated through a separate contract.

    To discuss the integration options that you require, please contact us.

    Can I try the online survey platform for free?

    If you are interested in trying the online survey platform for free, please fill out the form on this page and indicate in the comment section “I want a free trial of the platform”.