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Simple conversation and simple questions. We simplify the process for our clients by handling the complexities of EU application preparation. 

82% of applications receive funding. The numbers speak for themselves.

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Navigating the confusing process of EU application writing is made easier with our assistance. We will guide you through the process, from start to finish, including the final project report.
  • We specialise in administering successful projects for our clients and offer application services for nearly all EU funds and programs.
  • We administer winning projects for our clients
  • We conduct a thorough evaluation and provide an honest assessment of the project’s likelihood of success. 
  • Our team simplifies the complex application requirements and writing process for our clients, providing clear guidance 

Customer feedback

The training was impeccably organised, and the staff's hospitality was commendable. However, what left a lasting impression were the insightful lectures and invaluable training. We are looking forward to working with UAB SeeNext again soon!

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Product expert - staff trainer

We have established a long-standing partnership with UAB SeeNext, and we trust them completely. Their staff is adept at assessing all circumstances and proposing the optimal solution while keeping us informed of any advancements and providing the necessary documentation. We appreciate your partnership and support.

Martynas Gelgotas


We are pleased with the smooth and professional work that they have done. A secret shopper is not only about objective measurements, but also about human observations that cannot be captured in a questionnaire. SeeNext has provided us with such feedback and genuine concern. We are looking forward to further productive cooperation.


Sushi Express

We are satisfied with SeeNext's service and the content provided, and we plan to continue to use their services in the future. Lecturer T. Lagunavičius was able to convey quite complex things to our sales staff in a very simple way.

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CEO at Signeda

A process leading to results

from start to finish. We offer support and advice at all stages of the EU application process.

1. Meeting

starting with a casual consultation over coffee to discuss your business potential and determine which EU funding calls are appropriate for your needs.

2. Feasibility Study

Following a better understanding of your company's operations and nuances, we conduct a feasibility study to provide a more accurate assessment of the potential for attracting EU funding.

3. Preparation work

Once you have reviewed the finance-raising options presented in the feasibility study, we begin gathering information and conducting preliminary preparation work.

4. Writing an application

A dedicated application writing manager with extensive experience is assigned to the project to prepare the application in a responsible and objective manner. The manager uploads the application to the relevant systems on your behalf.

5. Project administration

Upon request, we offer comprehensive project management services for successful EU calls, including the provision of interim and final reports throughout the project's lifespan. This option is ideal for those who wish to minimise their involvement and leave the management to us.

We specialise in preparing EU
applications for a variety of funds and agencies

Trustworthy numbers

Applications prepared
Percentage of applications that were granted funding
EUR 4.3 million
EU funding attracted for clients

Calls for project

Paraiškos kortelės paveikslėlis


Potential applicants: micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises when cooperating with SMEs. The applicant must meet the definition of an early stage innovator.
Funding The maximum amount of funding available for the project is 200 000,00 and the minimum amount of funding available for the project is 40 000,00.
Funding intensity: 25-80 %
End of call: 2023-03-31
Administering authority: Innovation Agency
More information
Paraiškos kortelės paveikslėlis

Promote the development and/or introduction of environmentally friendly products or technologies

Potential applicants: SMEs outside industry and active for at least 12 months
Funding up to EUR 60 500
Funding intensity: up to 95%.
End of call: 2023-02-28
Administering authority: CPMA
More information
Paraiškos kortelės paveikslėlis

Encouraging SMEs to recover more quickly from the economic downturn

Potential applicants: Small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the region of central and western Lithuania that produce their own products or services
Funding of EUR 10 000 for the purchase of an anti-crisis performance management service. EUR 5 000 for the acquisition of a service to optimise operating costs.
Funding intensity: up to 50%
End of call: 2023-02-20
Administering authority: Ministry of Economy and Innovation
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We firmly believe that a successful long-term partnership can start with something as simple as a cup of coffee. 

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Our team is dedicated to helping you uncover new business opportunities and providing guidance on ways to enhance your operations.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How can I find out if my company is eligible for EU funding?

    Eligibility for EU funding varies depending on the programme and the call for proposals, which can be lengthy and complex. To determine your company’s eligibility, a quick interview with one of our specialists will suffice, and you will receive an immediate answer as to whether it is worth pursuing an EU grant application. Individual requirements are set for each funding call by the managing authority.

    Why do some programmes require a project partner?

    Some calls require project partners as they involve joint activities in collaborative projects. Collaborative projects with partners create a bigger project result and are more beneficial for all involved.

    How long does it take from preparing a project application to receiving funding?

    The time it takes to receive funding after submitting an application varies and depends on many rapidly changing factors. Our specialist can provide more specific information during the initial meeting. Typically, it can take between a few months to six months, with longer waiting times possible for larger applications.

    What are the steps and deadlines for project applications?

    Almost all stages of a project application can be divided into sub-steps, the exact deadlines for which are set individually for each call by the project managing authority:

    1. Project delivery period to the administering authority
    2. Evaluation period for project applications
    3. Period for signing project contracts
    4. Project implementation period
    5. Monitoring or reporting period
    Which activities are eligible for support?

    Recent tendencies in EU investment funds aim to promote various activities, such as reducing environmental pollution, digitising operations, implementing the circular economy, improving workers’ skills, and integrating marginalised groups, among others. 

    Funding for activities related to tobacco, alcohol, and gambling is not available. 

    Sounds complicated? No problem. During our first meeting, we will provide a simple and easily understandable explanation of these requirements and determine if your company’s activities align with them.

    What makes calls for public support unique?

    Unlike EU projects, calls for public support provide direct support for specific areas or categories of companies or their operations. Often, these calls offer exceptional financial benefits or support that would not typically exist in normal market conditions and are intended to sustain existing businesses or activities.

    What is funding intensity in a project?

    The funding intensity is the percentage of project activities financed by the EU funds or the Lithuanian state. The funding intensity is individual for each call but usually ranges between 30-70%. In certain cases, it can reach 100%. Example with 70% funding intensity:

    Project application amount – EUR 100 000

    Project funding from the EU Fund – EUR 70 000

    Contribution of the company to the project – EUR30 000 

    Our first meeting with you will provide answers to all these important questions, including the funding intensities specific to your project.

    What other obligations apply once funding is received?

    Once funding is received, the applicant is responsible for implementing the project activities as described in the application, maintaining accurate accounting records, and complying with other legislative requirements in Lithuania. Timely submission of interim project reports is also crucial for ensuring continued project funding. 

    Sound ominous? It shouldn’t. There is no need to be worried, as we offer an administration service for all our projects to ensure that all necessary work is done correctly and on time. This allows you to focus on the development of your project activities.

    Can I be sanctioned for inadequate activities or reports?

    Inadequate activities or reports can lead to penalties or fines, which is why we offer the project administration service to ensure that project activities and reports are managed and executed properly throughout the lifetime of the project. We will then work with you throughout the lifetime of the project to ensure that both project activities and reports are managed and executed in a way that does not expose you to any penalties or fines.