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Methods of secret
shopping research

Our objective and methodical process yields the following conclusions:
  • Assessment of employee sales skills 
  • Quality analysis of order fulfillment processes 
  • Market analysis of competing similar products 
  • Identification of competitors’ weaknesses and strengths 
  • Comparison and evaluation of companies operating in the same market 
  • Identification of new opportunities

Customer reviews

We recently started collaborating with SeeNext in August of this year, and we are confident that we will continue to work with them in the future.



Pasaulio drabužiai

We are pleased with the smooth and professional work that they have done. A secret shopper is not only about objective measurements, but also about human observations that cannot be captured in a questionnaire. SeeNext has provided us with such feedback and genuine concern. We are looking forward to further productive cooperation.


Sushi Express

We are satisfied with SeeNext's service and the content provided, and we plan to continue to use their services in the future. Lecturer T. Lagunavičius was able to convey quite complex things to our sales staff in a very simple way.

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CEO at Signeda

The SeeNext team conducted a customer satisfaction survey for our company, and we are pleased that we entrusted them with this project because it was completed on time and very professionally. I recommend this company as genuine, knowledgeable professionals in their field.


„Stiklų ekspertai“ vadovas

We are grateful to the SeeNext team for professionally organised training sessions. SeeNext employees and selected lecturers take into account our needs and prepare training programs adapted to specific groups. We have been working together for two years and recommend SeeNext as a reliable training partner to other companies.

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UAB „Varutis“ Kūrimo grupės vadovė

A process leading to results

Our professionally conducted secret shopping research process is methodical and results-oriented, leading to improvement.

1. Meeting

We start with a coffee chat to discuss your business challenges and issues, and based on that, we suggest the best services to suit your needs.

2. Analysis

After understanding your business situation, we customise research methods and prepare a data collection plan for our secret shoppers to conduct the research.

3. Visit

The secret shoppers evaluate employee performance, service quality, and gather other relevant information.

4. Uploading data

The collected data is then entered into our system, which displays real-time, organised information and comments.

5. Presentation of the report

If requested by the client, we discuss the findings of the secret shopper research during a meeting, where we present our insights and compare them with the overall market situation. We provide suggestions on how to tackle any issues that have emerged.

Methods we use in
our research

recording of the survey

Visit to
the study site




Integrated Buyer

Parts of the
study report

The final report usually consists of the following elements, which help to comprehensively evaluate the situation. During the discussion, we analyse them separately and in a general sense. Examples of documents from the secret shopper study


The objective results of the study are presented in a special report , which describes the secret shopper's visit experience and quality assessment.

Comments from a secret shopper

The results may also include the subjective opinion of the secret shopper, which notes the emotions experienced during the situation and the atmosphere created by the staff.

Additional charts

The objective results of the study are presented in a special report , which describes the secret shopper's visit experience and quality assessment.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What are the other benefits of a secret shopper investigation?

    If you’re considering a secret shopping program, there are a variety of potential benefits depending on your company’s size and goals.

    1. Our methodology can help you evaluate your customer service levels. 
    2. Assessing whether your employees follow customer service standards and comply with your company’s internal rules
    3. Identify weaknesses in customer service, for which we can offer training for the company’s team
    4. Improve the overall level of customer service 
    5. Increase both core and ancillary sales 
    6. Enhancing the service staff’s helpfulness
    What size businesses are suitable for secret shopper services?

    Secret shopper services are versatile and appropriate for medium and large businesses that aim for high-quality customer service and strict internal management.

    Why do companies usually order a secret shopper investigation?

    The main reason why companies order secret shopper investigation services is a proven cause-and-effect relationship:

    Better customer service = higher revenue

    In today’s competitive environment, maintaining the highest standard of service and continuously seeking ways to differentiate oneself from the competition is crucial.

    Is it possible to conduct secret shopper research on competitors?

    Yes, you can. For companies operating in highly competitive markets, it is possible to conduct secret shopper research on the service quality of competitors. This can help identify your competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, and unique selling points. This information can be compared to your own company’s research to see where you are performing well and where improvements can be made.

    What methods are used to check the quality of customer service?

    After many years of practice, we have developed several secret shopping methods that are widely used: 

    • call;
    • email;
    • live visit to a physical location;
    • live on-site visit with audio and video recording.

    Our methods of secret shopping are tailored to each company’s needs and investigation objectives. To gather comprehensive information, we recommend using more than one method of undercover investigations and checking all key customer service channels (e.g. a call and a live visit to a physical location).

    How to make the most of a secret shopping investigation?

    To make the most of a secret shopping investigation, 

    it is recommended to conduct it on a continuous and consistent basis. One way to maximise benefits is by using the following service combination formula: 

    Secret Shopping -> Training -> Repeat Secret Shopping. 

    The initial secret shopper study can help identify areas of customer service that need improvement and lead to a training program to address them. The final step is to conduct a follow-up secret shopper survey to evaluate changes in staff behavior and improvements in customer service after training.

    For companies that strive for the highest standards of customer service, we recommend repeating the secret shopper survey 2 times per month for each physical point of sale.

    How do I know how many secret shopping visits are needed?

    A secret shopper survey is an individually customisable service, so the total number of visits depends on the size of your company, the number of employees, the number of available stores or customer service locations. Nonetheless, we have developed a formula through long-term practice that helps to ensure high quality customer service – 2 visits per month per physical point.

    How does the secret shopper investigation service work?

    Over the years, we have noticed that the most smooth and accurate investigation of a secret shopper is ordered and carried out in the following process:

    1. We find out your company’s needs, goals and expectations
    2. We create different scenarios for the secret shopping investigation to be executed during the investigation
    3. We receive your company’s customer service standard (if you do not have this document, we can help you prepare it)
    4. We assess all the collected information, and prepare a secret shopper survey questionnaire, which will be filled in during the entire survey
    How do we create a secret shopper form?

    The best results of a secret shopper survey are obtained from a questionnaire that is prepared in accordance with your company’s customer service standard, internal company rules and business model specifics. After receiving necessary documents and discussing the objectives of the secret shopping exercise with the client, we prepare an initial version of the questionnaire, which we send for review and agree on the final version.

    In the absence of a customer service standard (an important document for the investigation of a secret shopper), we can always help to create it.

    Can you tailor a secret shopper study to specific businesses?

    Having amassed years of experience and conducted thousands of studies for hundreds of companies, we are confident that we can tailor our secret shopping service to meet the specific needs of your business. 

    Our success stories span a wide range of market segments, including retail, wholesale, B2B, B2C, and P2P marketplaces. Our previous clients have included hardware and building material stores, car repair shops, jewellery stores, hotels, restaurant chains, public sector companies, and many others.

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