Povilas Žarnauskas

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About the teacher

Over 12 years of experience in PR and online marketing

He was spearheading communication projects for various companies and organisations such as ECCO, Venipak, SPARK, Lithuanian Basketball Federation, Lithuanian Business Confederation, Denticija, and more. 

He presently serves as the Head of Communications for Macaw, a Dutch marketing and IT firm, at their Lithuanian branch. 

Additionally, since 2013, Povilas has been conducting communication and social media training for different organisations and companies, 

with around 90 different training sessions delivered to various audiences by 2022.

Training topics

  • Social media content – posts, photos and videos. How does the content affect the consumer?
  • Managing social networks. How to manage pages (FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • LinkedIn communication. Personal and corporate communications on the world’s largest business social network
  • Google Platform – Overview of Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Advertising on social networks – latest trends and delivery (FaceBook, Instagram and LinkedIn platforms)
  • TikTok social network and overview