About us

We sincerely believe that a comprehensive understanding of each client’s situation and the challenges they face helps us to select the most suitable services. 

We simplify intricate technical jargon into plain, accessible language and guide our clients every step of the way.  

Many years of experience

Since our establishment in 2016, our team of skilled experts has grown significantly, and we have gained valuable expertise and profound understanding of diverse business operations from our esteemed clients in various industries and markets. 

Whether your company is engaged in manufacturing, operates in the public sector, or has a retail network spread throughout Lithuania. It is likely that we have already gained experience in your industry.

Our uniqueness comes from our experience, responsibility, and patience. 

Our goal is
happy and loyal customers

We hold the belief that all our services are of utmost importance, which guides us in our daily work.

Our exceptional customer service and continuous communication are among the reasons why we have a loyal and trusting client base. 

The excellence, responsibility, and punctuality of our services, along with the sincere testimonials from our satisfied customers, speak for themselves.

The mission

Our aim is to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients by providing superior quality service.

The vision

We strive to be an essential part of our clients' successful ventures while benefiting from the outcomes of our services.

The Values

We provide top-level services and customer service. We are responsive and adaptable to meet our clients' needs.

Dalius Beginskas

Surveys Research Training EU projects

Tomas Daukša

Executive Director
Surveys Research Training EU projects
Vilma Strumskienė

Neringa Bukauskaitė

Project Manager
Surveys ES projektai
Vilma Strumskienė

Vilma Strumskienė

Project Manager
EU projects
Dovilė Gudaitytė

Dovilė Gudaitytė

Project Manager
EU projects
Gertrūda Stašauskaitė

Gertrūda Stašauskaitė

Sales Manager
EU projects Research Training

Dalia Auškelytė

Product Manager

Aušra Kiršienė

Project Manager
EU projects

They write about us

What makes us unique

1. High quality of service

All our services are performed with great dedication and professionalism.

2. Customer Service

We maintain constant communication with our clients, from the initial conversation to the final consultation.

3. Operability

We focus on each service order and ensure its smooth and quick delivery.

4. Operability

We focus on each service order and ensure its smooth and quick delivery.

Here's what our customers think

The training was impeccably organised, and the staff's hospitality was commendable. However, what left a lasting impression were the insightful lectures and invaluable training. We are looking forward to working with UAB SeeNext again soon!

Krispo logo


Product expert - staff trainer

We have established a long-standing partnership with UAB SeeNext, and we trust them completely. Their staff is adept at assessing all circumstances and proposing the optimal solution while keeping us informed of any advancements and providing the necessary documentation. We appreciate your partnership and support.

Martynas Gelgotas


We recently started collaborating with SeeNext in August of this year, and we are confident that we will continue to work with them in the future.



Pasaulio drabužiai

We are pleased with the smooth and professional work that they have done. A secret shopper is not only about objective measurements, but also about human observations that cannot be captured in a questionnaire. SeeNext has provided us with such feedback and genuine concern. We are looking forward to further productive cooperation.


Sushi Express

We are satisfied with SeeNext's service and the content provided, and we plan to continue to use their services in the future. Lecturer T. Lagunavičius was able to convey quite complex things to our sales staff in a very simple way.

signeda logo


CEO at Signeda

The SeeNext team conducted a customer satisfaction survey for our company, and we are pleased that we entrusted them with this project because it was completed on time and very professionally. I recommend this company as genuine, knowledgeable professionals in their field.


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