Raminta Girdvainė

Change coach, lecturer
Public speaking Team building awareness Game training points of You Positive Psychology

About the teacher

Change coach, credentialed coach (ICF) and Points of You Trainer, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) specialist, working in the field of education for 7 years. Communications consultant with 15 years of experience in business and the non-commercial sector. Lecturer and speaker at conferences and events in Lithuania and abroad, conducts seminars and individual sessions. Writes articles in the media and shares her insights on personal development topics on social networks.

A public speaking enthusiast, has been on stage since the first grade, almost 30 years (acting, singing, dancing, reciting poems, giving presentations, giving speeches, and hosting or moderating events).

Hosted Leadership Club, the XFM radio show, introducing and voicing inspiring Lithuanian leaders. Co-founder, organiser and speaker of the “Dare to Start” change initiative, which has inspired thousands of people over 3 years through major conferences and other events and projects. For 3 years she taught Entrepreneurship and Leadership and Public Relations at the Faculty of Communication, Vilnius University.

Has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Communication Sciences, and has studied psychotherapy for four years. On average, Raminta devotes at least 80 days (700 hours) of each year to competence development in order to create as much value for customers as possible.

Raminta is most valued for his wide-ranging experience, deep knowledge and insights, warm and sincere communication, strategic thinking and curiosity, and his ability to listen, understand and inspire people to change.

Training topics

  • Knowing and building your team;
  • Training with the Points of You awareness game;
  • Positive psychology;
  • public speaking;
  • Self-confidence;
  • Overcoming stress and procrastination.