Rūta Klimašauskienė

Motivating employees Emotional maturity A strategy for building the company's microclimate

About the teacher

HR expert, team relations specialist. Advise to company executives on strategic human resources issues, helping managers to find solutions on how to bring the team together for effective achievement of the company’s goals without damaging the relationship. Conducting engagement and microclimate surveys and helping managers implement recommendations. Conducting internal team trainings, team-building sessions, supervision of managers and specialists. More than 15 years of experience in corporate consulting and training. Clients appreciate our professionalism, our ability to make complex issues simple, and to create an engaging and supportive atmosphere.

Training topics

  • Non-financial long-term motivation: latest developments in neuroscience;
  • Emotional maturity;
  • aspects of psycho-emotional health in the organisation: what do managers need to know?
  • A strategy for the creation of microclimate, the creation of a culture (based on neuroscience research and organisational psychodynamics);
  • Teamwork, team maturity, team psychodynamics;
  • Employee emotional health. What managers need to know. Development and implementation of the programme on psycho-emotional health (emotional well-being);
  • Changes in psychodynamics (psychodynamic stages, resolution, managerial role, adoption of changes).