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We understand that accurate and quality information is essential for successful business development, 

which is why we help companies make informed decisions based on responsibly collected data on consumer behaviour, motivation, and other aspects. 

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Benefits of market

We will work directly with your company to understand your needs, situation, and desired outcomes. Based on this information, we will select the most appropriate market research methods and review the collected data with you upon completion. 

  • Our market research services cover Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, and 
  • we can collect surveys in Lithuanian, English, and Russian 
  • using cutting-edge CATI, CAPI, and CAWI methods. 
  • Our services are available to both private businesses and the public sector
  • We can collect up to 2,500 replies from correspondents in just one week.

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The training was impeccably organised, and the staff's hospitality was commendable. However, what left a lasting impression were the insightful lectures and invaluable training. We are looking forward to working with UAB SeeNext again soon!

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We recently started collaborating with SeeNext in August of this year, and we are confident that we will continue to work with them in the future.



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We are pleased with the smooth and professional work that they have done. A secret shopper is not only about objective measurements, but also about human observations that cannot be captured in a questionnaire. SeeNext has provided us with such feedback and genuine concern. We are looking forward to further productive cooperation.


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We are grateful to the SeeNext team for professionally organised training sessions. SeeNext employees and selected lecturers take into account our needs and prepare training programs adapted to specific groups. We have been working together for two years and recommend SeeNext as a reliable training partner to other companies.

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A process leading to results

From start to finish.
Together with the Customer, we plan, execute and discuss the data collected during the research

1. Meeting

Together with the Customer, we discuss the purpose of the study, the audience and the most appropriate method for the study.

2. Plan preparation

We prepare a comprehensive market research plan that we will follow to achieve your goals.

3. Conducting the survey

We will prepare a comprehensive market research plan to achieve your goals and begin data collection while keeping it under constant review to ensure everything goes according to plan.

4. Report

After conducting the survey, we will prepare an in-depth report and meet with you to discuss the results.

Data collection methods

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Telephone interview (CATI)

A method of data collection in which the respondent interacts directly with the interviewer and answers a series of questions prepared in advance and agreed with the Customer. Closed questions are the most common. This method is a quick way to obtain concentrated information and is very reliable because the telephone conversation is recorded. This ensures the quality and objectivity of the study

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Online survey (CAWI)

The method of data collection involves direct interaction between the interviewer and the respondent, where the respondent answers a set of pre-prepared questions agreed upon with the Customer. Such a questionnaire can be quite comprehensive. The main advantages of an online survey are the relatively quick ability to collect a large number of responses. Questions can be submitted not only in text, but also in visual, audio and video formats – all this allows the respondent to convey information in various formats. Flexibility is available between closed-ended (selected people) and open-ended (random people) survey types.

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Live survey (CAWI)

Another method is online surveys (CAWI), where the respondent completes an online questionnaire agreed upon with the Customer. This method can be used to conduct a nationwide survey and ensure the collection of representative data by geographic area and demographic distribution of respondents by gender, age or other criteria. The CAPI approach is flexible and adaptable to a wide range of research purposes.

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    Frequently asked questions

    When is it appropriate to use market research?

    Market research is most useful when data-driven decisions are needed for corporate management or decision-making. The study evaluates market factors and identifies potential risks. Market research is most useful when you need an accurate picture of the market in which your company operates or plans to operate.

    What is market research for?

    The application of market research ranges from solving business issues to gathering the necessary data. In all cases, market research should help to understand the overall market situation or provide data for planning decisions within the company.

    Where to start when commissioning market research?

    The first step is to identify the need. Once we have discussed your market research needs and goals, we will begin to structure the research, choose the best data collection method, and prepare the questionnaire. 

    Which data collection method should I choose?

    The choice of data collection method can be complex. It depends on factors such as the study’s purpose and the target audience. During our consultation, we will work together to determine the most appropriate method for your project based on these factors. 

    Our experience has shown that these two factors play a critical role in selecting the most effective data collection method. the purpose of the study and the audience to be surveyed.

    Sounds complicated? Don’t be afraid. Get in touch with us for a complimentary initial consultation, where we can provide answers to your questions and help alleviate any uncertainties you may have.