Agnė Daunoraitė

Project planning Healthy lifestyle strategies Tolerance education Self-management Social entrepreneurship

About the teacher

I communicate empathetically with people, understanding the needs and expectations of clients. I participate in activities of local community and non-governmental organisations, and my free time to volunteering. I help to initiate ideas and help in events, projects, as well as in various activities. I collaborate with social and business partners and communities.

Training topics

  • Strategies for the prevention of harmful habits, sustainable and sustainable lifestyle and healthy lifestyle;
  • Tolerance education, prevention of discrimination, effective cooperation;
  • Stress management and self-control, limiting emotions, prevention of destructive, self-harming behavior;
  • Youth leadership and entrepreneurship development (motivation, goal-raising, entrepreneurship development, self-knowledge skills development);
  • Planning of project activities, coordination of team member strategies, coordination of activities;
  • Promotion of cooperation, prevention of social risk factors, motivation measures for children and young people; 
  • Social business: business strategies, goals, opportunities, examples;
  • Visualisation and relaxation training to develop creativity and strengthen stress management.