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Free consultation on application preparation

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Prepared applications
Percentage of applications that received funding
4.3 mln. €
EU funding that was attracted to clients

Promote the development and/or introduction of environmentally friendly products or technologies

Main information
Potential applicants:
micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises when cooperating with SMEs. The applicant must meet the definition of an early stage innovator.
The maximum amount of funding available for the project is 200 000,00 and the minimum amount of funding available for the project is 40 000,00.
Funding intensity:
25-80 %
End of call:
Administering authority:
Innovation Agency
Additional information

Funding is provided for activities to promote the development and/or deployment of environmentally friendly products aimed at achieving these impacts:

  1. development or substantial improvement of environmentally friendly product prototypes corresponding to the completion of Stage 6 of research and experimental development (R&D) in accordance with the Recommended Classification of Stages of Research and Experimental Development;
  2. development or substantial improvement of environmentally friendly products and their introduction (use) in the applicant’s enterprise or introduction on the market (by carrying out at least one R & D activity within the framework of the project, in accordance with the Recommended Classification of Stages of Research and Experimental Development);
  3. introduction/use of environmentally friendly products in the applicant’s company. The project is restricted to only one of the aforementioned activities, and the development, improvement, introduction, or use of only one environmentally friendly product in the company or on the market. These supported activities directly contribute to the principles of innovation and creativity by generating and/or introducing innovative products. The projects aim to support enterprises that invest in research and development (R&D) to develop and deploy innovative products.

A process leading to results

from start to finish. We offer support and advice at all stages of the EU application process,

1. Meeting

starting with a casual consultation over coffee to discuss your business potential and determine which EU funding calls are appropriate for your needs.

2. Feasibility Study

Following a thorough understanding of the company's operations and intricacies, we conduct a feasibility study to evaluate the potential for securing EU funding.

3. Preparation work

After clients have reviewed the financial options presented in the feasibility study, we begin gathering information and performing basic preparatory work.

4. Writing an application

An Application Writing Manager is assigned to each project, and they use their extensive experience to prepare the application objectively and responsibly, uploading it into the relevant systems on behalf of the client.

5. Project administration

We also offer ongoing support throughout the project's lifetime, providing interim and final reports on the completed project, making it the ideal option for those who want a hassle-free experience.

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