Training for companies

Companies that are committed to being market leaders recognise the value of investing in upskilling their workforce. 

Experienced professionals can guide your team towards achieving excellence.

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Benefits of training

The benefits of additional training are numerous and long-lasting, tailored to meet the needs of each company. 

For businesses:

  • Individual timetable and choice of topics
  • Tailor training to the needs and situation of companies
  • Analysis of real-world examples and cases from the company 
  • Fostering internal discussion on current topics 
  • Encouraging employees to use a shared language 

For employees: 

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased productivity and creativity 
  • Boosted self-confidence and improved performance

Customer feedback

The training was impeccably organised, and the staff's hospitality was commendable. However, what left a lasting impression were the insightful lectures and invaluable training. We are looking forward to working with UAB SeeNext again soon!

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Product expert - staff trainer

We have established a long-standing partnership with UAB SeeNext, and we trust them completely. Their staff is adept at assessing all circumstances and proposing the optimal solution while keeping us informed of any advancements and providing the necessary documentation. We appreciate your partnership and support.

Martynas Gelgotas


We recently started collaborating with SeeNext in August of this year, and we are confident that we will continue to work with them in the future.



Pasaulio drabužiai

We are satisfied with SeeNext's service and the content provided, and we plan to continue to use their services in the future. Lecturer T. Lagunavičius was able to convey quite complex things to our sales staff in a very simple way.

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CEO at Signeda

The process is geared towards achieving results.

Our main priority is to ensure a long-lasting partnership with our clients by meeting their expectations and achieving the desired outcomes.

1. Identifying Needs

We begin by understanding your company's current situation and identifying the challenges you want to address through training.

2. Tailored Training Plan

We create a personalised training plan that aligns with your requirements, enabling your employees to enhance their skills and drive your organisation towards the desired results in a highly effective manner.

3. Training

Expert Trainers: Our trainers are qualified experts in their respective fields, who will provide training to your employees based on the agreed training plan.

4. Training report

After the training, we send a questionnaire to our clients to obtain their feedback, which we use to continuously improve our training process.

Povilas Žarnauskas

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About the lecturer

Over 12 years of experience in PR and online marketing. He was spearheading communication projects for various companies and organisations such as ECCO, Venipak, SPARK, Lithuanian Basketball Federation, Lithuanian Business Confederation, Denticija, and more.
More about the teacher

Mindaugas Jasiūnas


About the lecturer

Consultant, lecturer, sales and negotiation trainer, certified ICC coaching specialist, certified DISC lecturer, business practitioner, initiator and Host of the Summer Camp “Father-Son Relationship".
More about the teacher

Vytautas Siaurusaitis

Data analytics
Sales analytics
HR analytics
Financial analytics
Inventory analytics

About the lecturer

Head of Day Q Analytics UAB
More about the teacher

Darius Rupšlaukis


About the lecturer

Communication skills trainer, professional coach and founder of Negotiations LT.
More about the teacher

Rūta Gurung

Stress Management
Team Training

About the lecturer

Rūta Gurung has completed a course on face-exchange training which has helped her to become a more precise "mirror".
More about the teacher

Reda Bendoraitytė

Business coach
Team building

About the lecturer

13 years of experience in business consulting and training using modern business consulting methods;
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We encourage you to take a closer look at our services.

We firmly believe that a successful long-term partnership can start with something as simple as a cup of coffee. 

Who are we.

Our team is dedicated to helping you uncover new business opportunities and providing guidance on ways to enhance your operations.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What type of training can I have?

    The type of training provided can be broadly tailored to your company’s or personal needs. Training can include:

    Remote is the perfect choice when it is not possible or efficient to gather all participants in a conference room.

    Individual – the type of training with the greatest impact and benefits. Thanks to the personal connection established with the lecturer, the information is better assimilated and applied in practice.

    In contact – training organised within the company (mainly for the collective or selected clients) in accordance with the chosen topic.

    Can the training be tailored to the needs of the company?

    Of course. Over the years, we have noticed that training tailored to the needs of the company is the most useful and involves the most participants. If necessary, more than one lecturer may participate in one training session in order to explain the desired topics as accurately and broadly as possible or to improve the qualification of employees.

    Do you provide training throughout Lithuania?

    Yes, we can arrange all trainings anywhere in Lithuania in accordance with your company’s needs.

    What is the duration of the training?

    The most effective long-term benefits are achieved through continuous training, which is divided into distinct parts lasting between 4 and 8 academic hours. Our team assesses each topic and its intensity, taking into account your specific needs to determine the ideal duration for the training. With years of experience in structuring even full-day training sessions, we ensure that participants remain engaged and focused throughout the entire training. 

    What are the possible training topics?

    We have a wide range of training topics. Our selection of training topics is extensive, and when organising training for corporate teams, the key is to identify the specific issues or challenges you want to address. This forms the foundation for developing a comprehensive list of training topics and speakers that will maximise the training’s benefits. 

    Our facilitators are equipped to provide instruction on a wide range of topics, including sales, negotiation, communication psychology, team dynamics, stress management, public speaking, team building, and more. In the event that highly specific or technical training is required, we are able to locate suitable instructors.